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Most likely you have never come across any of us. : : (Spanish: [ˈrakutɨɐ]) is a provider of e-commerce services based in Madrid, Spain. Rakuten is a generic Japanese term for a shopping mall, literally meaning "already paid" or "ready to pay" in Japanese. It is a large internet business which sells merchandise over the internet and a growing number of businesses have integrated into the site.[1] The company's headquarters is in Tokyo, with representatives located worldwide. was founded in 1995 by ex-Yahoo employees. Initially it started as a Japanese-only website, but expanded to English as well in 2002. In 2001, Rakuten acquired Web portal Raptik and renamed the company's Spanish website to In 2007, Rakuten acquired again an internet marketing company, Rakuten Network, and added many new services in Spain. In August 2012, Rakuten added a mobile app to the company's portfolio. In 2003, the company launched Rakuten Supermarket. The concept was first tried in Japan in 2001, but only succeeded to launch in 2003. The first Supermarket was opened in Japan and it has since expanded to 15 countries: Canada, United States, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Peru, France, Germany, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, Italy, Belgium, United Kingdom, Spain and Japan. In 2003, became a part of and was renamed to Spain. In 2005, Rakuten opened their first physical store called Raptik in Spain. Raptik provides a combination of physical and internet shopping. In 2009, Raptik began to sell luxury goods online. Services Rakuten offers a wide variety of services and products, including audio and video downloads, online media (movies and music), online dating and social networking, coupons, video games, virtual goods and cloud computing. With other online shopping malls, Rakuten is a seller of clothing and footwear. The company also provides music services, in which it licenses music from many artists and distributes it on iTunes. The company's main websites are and Other websites include Mozu, a site selling video game, and, selling electronics. Internet businesses Rak




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